Why Choose LawGo

Our mission is simple: to provide regular people with great legal services. We are dedicated to helping you resolve your legal issues and questions quickly and easily.

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing a lawyer to handle your delicate, urgent and important legal needs.  Why choose LawGo?  Below are 6 reasons why we are a better option than 'the lawyer your neighbor's uncle recommended' or traditional law firms.

1) Money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your lawyer or your legal service, just email us and we will credit your account so that you can hire a different LawGo lawyer to complete your work, free of charge.

2) Consistent service standards and lawyer quality. At LawGo, we have already done the heavy lifting of vetting our lawyers. We carefully select, interview, and review the work of our lawyers. Our lawyers agree to be impressively responsive and to provide excellent service to clients. We are also constantly monitoring our lawyers' performance based on client reviews, and lawyers whose performance begins to slip are removed from our platform.

3) Affordable prices, no hourly billing. At LawGo, we don't believe in hourly billing. Whatever legal needs come your way, your dedicated LawGo concierge will give you a fixed price. This helps you plan ahead and avoid unpleasant surprises.

4) Speed. Individual lawyers have a finite number of hours in the day. At LawGo, we have a whole team of specialized lawyers ready and waiting to respond quickly to your legal emergencies.

5) You are no longer a 'small client'. You've heard the stories or experienced it first-hand: lawyers have many clients and, when they get busy, unfortunately the 'small clients' sometimes get pushed down the priority list. Because LawGo provides our lawyers with such a large amount of client work, by being a LawGo client you immediately become one of your lawyer's largest clients and receive the priority and service that comes along with that status.

6) Your 'one-stop-shop' problem solver. Unlike individual independent lawyers who typically focus on one practice area only, LawGo is both broad and deep. LawGo offers the convenience of a large law firm with specialized lawyers in a broad variety of practice areas at your beck and call. No more searching around for a tax lawyer, an IP lawyer, an employment lawyer, or a real estate lawyer; we've got them right here for you ready when you need them.